In our recruitment process, we put utmost importance to ‘soft skills’.  We expect our candidates to possess the 7 core  competencies listed below, regardless of department they are being evaluated for.

It is required of all the employees to have the key skills in line with their positions. Through evaluating applications, performance reviews and career planning these skill sets are the ones that will be taken into consideration.

Decing making with a sound analysis of the problem,
its cause and effect on the business

Planning is an important tool for one to have with
the conciense to prioritize tasks at hand and align
the resources accordingly

Ensuring a client driven focus and making sure
they are content with the service they get

Being always on the look out for new developments, innovations in order to create a difference, and act swiftly
after careful consideration

Colloboration within a team keeps motivation
high and helps grow loyalty. Hence this common
mission is set for success.

Envisioning and empowering the employees for a united target enables high performance teams and effective leadership


A visionary whom can see the big picture and thinks long term with planning and keeping projects on track and on time