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Samsun Logistics Center Project / Samsun


Samsun Logistics Center Project consists of 3 warehouse buildings, 1 service-fire building, 1 administration building, 1 broker building, 2 security buildings and connection roads that will be built on approximately 600 decares of land. In this logistic center which is one of the most important trade bases of Turkey, closed storage areas, administrative buildings and social facilities, customs directorate, container stock area, truck and lorry parking area, railway facility, agency offices, service and maintenance stations, office areas for shipping brokers, fuel and fire stations as well as bank branches within the center, social facilities such as restaurant, cafe, market, telephone center, PTT, buffet, insurance office, barber, cargo office and stationery have been constructed. The center has been transformed into a small residential unit with its structure. Railroad connection has been provided within the Logistics Center and ramp and maneuver areas have been added  in order to facilitate the loading of the installed warehouses.