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BELGİN BERKER - Deputy Chairman of the Board

Ms. Berker, graduated from Hacettepe University with a Business Administration degree, whilst continuing her education in 1986, she started as an intern at Sadri Şener A.Ş where upon graduation, she started as the finance manager. Then she became the deputy general manager and finally became the general manager of SASEK A.Ş. of Sadri Şener Group.


In 1995, with the launch of Sera Group, she joined the company as a partner and member of board. She also successfully carried out the role of general manager between 1995-2014. She is currently acting as the deputy chairman of the board. 


AHMET OZAN ŞENER - General Manager

Mr. Şener  graduated from Kültür University with a degree in Construction Engineering in 2004, he then carried out his masters at Politechnico di Milano University for Strategic Design and Marketing in 2006.


He worked as an intern in Bovis Lend Lease, Italy, a top global management and construction services company. He pursued his international experience with TAV Airports Holding's Qatar Airport project for 2 years in Doha. In 2007 he joined SERA, established the Dubai office as the Board Member and business development coordinator. In 2009, he launched SERA Group’s İstanbul office and as of January 2014 he has assumed the role of general manager. 



Following graduation from Warwick University of England with Industrial Engineering degree in 2001, she has started working for Arup (one of the top engineering consultant firms globally) in their London office as an engineering consultant.


She then received her MBA degree from London Business School in 2007. With a switch to financial markets, she started as an Emerging markets Sales Associate at Goldman Sachs London office focusing on fixed income and derivatives products. Upon her return to Turkey, she joined Sera Group as the Strategic Planning Coordinator and as member of the board. As of January 2014 she has become the Chief Financial Officer. 


ŞENER PUL - Deputy General Manager

Mr. Pul graduated from Karadeniz Technical University with an Architecture degree in 1987. Prior to joining Sera in 1995, he has gained immense experience throughout the years both working in construction sites and the office front.


Mr.Pul took place in numerous challenging projects across Turkey and has diligently succeeded in every project he has been involved. Since 2005, he is the Deputy General Manager. 


ŞÜKRÜ ÇAM - Deputy General Manager

Mr. Çam graduated from Istanbul Technical University with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 1989, afterwards he carried out an MBA at the Istanbul University graduating in 1990.


Prior to joining Sera in 2001, he worked at TAV Construction and Alarko Holding. He has been a key player in Sera’s projects abroad as the International Projects Coordinator. Since 2013, he has taken the role of Deputy General Manager.



MERT BABUR - Financial Affairs Coordinator

Mert Babur, graduated from the Department of International Business Administration of Berkeley Colage in 2004.


Babur, who joined us as a Senior Finance Manager in 2016 after his successful business experiences with the companies Akbasoglu Holding and Alısan Group, is working as Financial Affairs Coordinator since August 2018 in our company.


BAYRAM KILIÇ - Managing Consultant

Mr. Kılıç graduated from Gazi University’s Banking and Insurance School in 1984. He has significant construction sector accounting know-how for more than over 30 years. Since joining Sera Group in 2005, he  worked as Accounting Manager.Between years of 2014-2018 he worked as Financial Affairs Coordinator.


As of 2018, he has assumed the role of Managing Consultant.