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Trakya Polatlı Cam San. A.Ş. ( Şişecam ) Glassbottle Factory Additional Line Project / ANKARA

Trakya Polatlı Cam. San. A.Ş operating in Polatlı in Ankara/Turkey is an additional line construction project and total construction area for the buildings included in the investment scope is approximately 57.500 m2.
In the project where Türkiye Şişe ve Cam Fabrikaları A.Ş has the position of employer, Turner International conducts the project management.
Important structures included in the project are listed below.
Bathroom building (~ 7400m²)
Cooling and cutting building (~ 4.000m²)
Warehouse building (~ 30.000m²)
Glass shards and galleries
Additional Threshing Building Buildings
Bakery building (~ 10.000m²)