Educated, decisive, unique and honest people, manages to grow dynamically whilst working hard for the current projects. And on this upwards road takes their employees with them, and making the world a better place. It is a company where you feel the sincerity of the family in a corporate setting. The skills and capabilities are recognised and with that they will make you valued and part of the team which in return one feels the urge to develop themselves for the good of the company.

The guidance and leadership from senior management is the top of the list for why I would work at SERA with the comfort of the workplace and respect to the employees.

At the outset it is a corporate firm but has not lost its roots in creating the feeling of a family company. It is not a place where you will work short term, I myself had started for a period of 6 months for a project, I am now proud to say have been with SERA for 12 years to be exact.

Ailenin bir parçası olmaktan her zaman mutlu olacağın bir yer derdim. I would say; ‘Always will be greatful for being a part of the family.’
Sera Construction provides resources for business generation. In this company everyone can find opportunities to develop themselves whilst working with a peace of mind.
A family company with a vision, financial power and job stability. Constructive feedback is given with a human-centered approach, where you will get to work with a teams/managers with very high technical know-how

It is a home away from home. You feel appreciated and supported by your team.

On the contrary to companies where conventional management styles have been adopted, in this company if you have solution ideas to the problem then you will get to contribute and share your thoughts for the success of the firm independent of your position in the organisation chart.

 Though it is primarily a construction company, they do not stop to look at other investments and take their valued people with them to different projects and develop their skills.