Trabzon Vehicle Inspection Station /Trabzon
We are working for a better future.
Turkey vehicle inspection administration was privatized in 19 December 2004. In this public contract, Doğuş Group – Akfen Holding – TÜV SÜD Consortium offered the highest bid with 613.5 million dollars.
According to the contract, TÜVTÜRK built 189 inspection stations around the country, 433 inspection canals, 38 mobile inspection stations and would run them for 20 years. 
SERA Construction, started to run Trabzon Vehicle Inspection station for 20 years as the subcontractor of TÜVTÜRK in 2008. We aim to minimize traffic accidents caused by neglect and hope to meet the European vehicle standards in the upcoming 20 years. 
Apart from its initial investment, with its daily 250 and yearly 100.000 car serving capacity, SERA Vehicle Inspection Company transfers the 37% of its revenues to the government- Department of Finance.  

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